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The Fun Of Drinking: Worth The Consequences?

It would be fair to argue that most people today have enjoyed at least one night on the town with friends and family members. While most people think of an occasional night of drinking and reveling to be harmless fun, it can have dire consequences if you are not careful. Before you head out with […]

You Need Time Too! 5 Great Ways for the New Mom to Indulge Herself

Being a new mom can be a wonderful experience, but it can also hold a host of responsibilities. Balancing the duties of taking care of your children, family and running the household can be time consuming, making it difficult to find a moment for your own needs. The following are five great ideas to indulge […]

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The Ins and Outs of Morning Sickness

Morning sickness, or pregnancy sickness, is an affliction that affects the lives of approximately one half of pregnant women. In most cases, the symptoms of morning sickness affect pregnant women primarily in the early morning hours and then wane as the day progresses. The symptoms of morning sickness are oftentimes an early indication for pregnancy. […]

The Sacred Orgasm ~ by Liora

The Sacred Orgasm & Sacred Sound Alchemy by Liora. When the awakened SACRED Twin Flames are in total surrender to the other, during a heightened sacred sexual experience, the shared soul signature becomes blended into a single consciousness containing equal parts male and female, thus reuniting into Oneness again. Therefore the sacred orgasm of their […]

We Kept Our Sons Intact

Do you want to circumcise your son so he will look like you? Do you think he should be circumcised because you were circumcised? Do you just want to leave it up to the man of the house? Are you unsure of what to do, so you’ll let someone else choose for your son? Please, […]

03/06 Daily Deal: Imse Vimse All-in-One Organic Diaper with Snaps only $16.25

Imse Vimse All-in-One Organic Diaper with Snaps has a long list of extraordinary features easily make them a favorite of cloth-diapering parents: soft and stretchy fabric for a comfy fit, leg gussets, hook-and-loop or snap closure, fold-back laundry tabs, and waterproof but breathable PUL outside layer. This diaper comes with organic options, too! Not only […]

Sound Healing – Meditation Music {Delta Waves}

Close your eyes, float and let go.

5 Words Babies Use (Baby Language)

As seen on Oprah – 5 words babies use.


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