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Avoid These Foods if You Are Trying to Conceive

By: Sheryl Lyon The path to conception should be a great deal of fun but that is often not the case for many couples who have failed to conceive and are not sure why. Whether you are just starting your journey to conception or have received the incredibly frustrating diagnosis of unexplained infertility, it is […]

Timing of Your Meals Can Affect Your Fertility

Couples trying to get pregnant have no doubt heard endless tips and hints for how to improve fertility and thus, the likelihood of getting pregnant. It is fairly obvious that overall general health and diet are important to fertility. How can a mother expect to conceive and bring to term a healthy, happy baby if […]

Electronic fertility patch being tested at UH

CLEVELAND — You’ve heard of the Nicotine patch, patches for pain medication, patches to prevent sea sickness. Now University Hospitals is enrolling women in a clinical trial testing a fertility patch that uses electrical stimulation to help get the hormone in the body. Dr. James Liu is Chair of UH’s Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology. […]

How to Get Pregnant Faster

There’s no doubt that attempting to create a new life adds a hefty amount of anxiety to yours. It’s ironic how many people who’ve spent their entire adulthoods trying to avoid pregnancy are suddenly reading how-to manuals. If conception doesn’t happen in the first month or two, they worry that they’re inept, or their bodies […]

Preconception Planning

by Alan Murray When you have made the momentous task of deciding you want to have a family you can increase your odds of conception by carrying out the following lifestyle and diet changes. It is not just the female who should prepare herself for pregnancy. Males have an important role to play too and […]

Fertility Monitors May Help You Conceive

Author: Lorraine Weston Fertility monitors allow a couple to easily identify their most fertile time of the month. For couples who find achieving conception a difficult process, this information can greatly increase their odds of becoming pregnant. There is only a short period every month where the woman’s egg is ready to be fertilized. The […]

Natural Fertility – The Ultimate Guide

Human fertility and reproduction are intricate, delicate and mysterious balancing acts. While fertility can seem unstoppable and powerful if you consider world population or teenage pregnancy rates, it is in fact a complex system that can easily be affected by outside influences. Processed food, household toxins, inactivity, stress, pesticides, plastics, and even your shampoo can […]

Simple Ways to Increase Your Fertility Naturally

Most couples desire to have a child after a few years of marriage. And nothing is more frustrating than not being able to accomplish what you really yearn for. In this case, infertility that causes a reduced capacity to conceive can be extremely stressful and unnerving. Infertility should not be confused with sterility, which occurs […]

Boost Fertility Naturally With Maca

“Peruvians claim that Maca improves memory, combats anemia, and fights depression. Some researchers note that when the body is well-nourished, libido rises and depression abates; Maca’s nutrient value could explain some of these purported actions. The root, which tastes like butterscotch when it’s roasted like a potato, can also be prepared into jam, broth, puddings, […]

You must compensate with other 3 factors if one is reduced

Fertility Enhancement with Acupuncture

Recently a number of our clients have asked us about the relationship between acupuncture and fertility. Planning a pregnancy is an exciting time in a person’s life – filled with new expectations, experiences and discoveries. It is a time of reflection as well as one of looking towards the future, and an ideal time to […]



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