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Does Coffee Impair Fertility?

by Sheryl Lyon Whether you have been trying to conceive for years or are just now considering preconception care, then you probably want to do everything you can to conceive quickly and maximize the health of your fetus. Your morning cup of coffee can be exceptionally difficult to give up, however. Of all the vices […]


Avoid These Foods if You Are Trying to Conceive

By: Sheryl Lyon The path to conception should be a great deal of fun but that is often not the case for many couples who have failed to conceive and are not sure why. Whether you are just starting your journey to conception or have received the incredibly frustrating diagnosis of unexplained infertility, it is […]

Unexplained Infertility

Unexplained Infertility -Is IVF the Solution? Author: Chelsea Aubin No one should have to go through the emotional suffering that comes with not being able to have a baby. The only emotional pain that can top it, is not having options or things to try because the doctor doesn’t know what it wrong. This situation […]

Simple Ways to Increase Fertility

Author: Helene Kvist Copyright 2006 Power Marketing, Inc. If you’re thinking about getting pregnant, or trying to get pregnant already, taking care of your health is a top priority for your fertility. To help your body achieve it’s maximum fertility, take the following steps: – Take 400 micrograms (or 0.4 mg) of folic acid daily. […]

The Fibroid Myth

Source: Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) August 3, 2006 — “Too many women of childbearing age are led to believe by their gynecologists or internists that the presence of uterine fibroids will prevent pregnancy,” said world-renowned gynecologic surgery pioneer Thomas L. Lyons, MD, of the Center for Women’s Care & Reproductive Surgery in Atlanta. “That’s a […]

Environmental Toxins and Infertility in Men

Environmental Toxins and Infertility in Men According to the May 2003 issue of Epidemiology, researchers analyzed the urine of 168 men for eight different phthalate compounds and also tested their sperm for shape, motility and count. The results showed an association between phthalates (monobutyl and monobenzyl) in the urine and low sperm counts. Past research […]

Do Vices Prevent Women from Becoming Pregnant?

Few Americans can count themselves “viceless.” Whether it’s having a glass or two of wine with dinner, or a midday cigarette break, or even a couple of cups of coffee to get going in the morning, the majority of us indulge in at least one less-than-healthy pleasure. And for the most part, the effects of […]

Toxins and Fertility

We are inundated with toxins. These toxins are in our food, air, water, toiletries, and homes. Many of these toxins not only adversely affect human health, but these toxins can impair fertility with negative impact on delicate male & female reproductive systems, as well as on a developing fetus. Even low levels of exposure can […]

Organic Fertility

“Prepare the ground and the seeds will flourish.” Approximately 50% of pregnancies are unplanned which means the other 50% have the wonderful opportunity to create an ideal environment in which to conceive and carry a child. If you are reading this because you are hoping to become pregnant then you have a chance to give […]


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